Effects of Vitamin C


  • Radical oxygen scavenger protecting cells from oxidative stress

Steroid- and catecholamine synthesis

  • Cofactor in catecholamine, vasopressin and steroid synthesis
  • Improves hemodynamics; may accelerate resolution of shock

Immune cell function

  • Increases neutrophil phagocytosis and chemotaxis
  • Affects macrophage migration
  • Enhances T and NK cell proliferation, modulates their function
  • May increase antibody formation

Endothelial cell function

  • Decreases endothelial ICAM expression and leukocyte adhesion
  • Improves endothelial barrier function
  • Decreases fluid requirements in burn patients
  • Improves microcirculation

Carnitine production

  • Modulates fatty acid metabolism
  • May improve mircocirculation and cardiac function

Wound healing

  • Cofactor of collagen production
  • Mitogen for fibroblasts

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