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Athletic Performance

Rising Star

This IV can help enhance your performance, speed up recovery, and even increase your libido, with adequate hydration and nutrients.

$164.00 | Members $75.00


Fatigue & Jet Lag

Myer's Cocktail

With adequate hydration and nutrients, things like jet lag, migraines, chronic fatigue, and anything else that might be dragging you down are a thing of the past.

$164.00 | Members $75.00



Never Again

Don’t let a night of fun keep you in bed for days after. Visit us for some IV therapy to help you rehydrate, and relieve your hangover symptoms!

$164.00 | Members $75.00


Signature Cocktail 4 IV Package

This is a significant savings. If it’s been recommended that you receive multiple IV sessions, this is the minimum package for you!

$439.00 – $109.75/ea


Signature Cocktail 6 IV Package with Oxygen

You’ll get your best results with multiple IV sessions. Treat yourself! This package includes 30 minutes of Oxygen with Aromatherapy with each IV session.

$625.00 – $104.17/ea


Signature Cocktail 8 IV Package with Oxygen

The package with the best benefit and lowest price! This package includes 30 minutes of Oxygen with Aromatherapy with each IV session.

$791.00 – $98.88/ea

*Packages can be shared **Packages expire 6 months after purchase

Wellness Cocktail

Signature with 25gm Vit C

The extra Vitamin C in this cocktail will help to support your immune system, kill pathogens, and boost mitochondrial energy.

Single Season $193.00

Members $100.00

Wellness Cocktail 4 IV Package with 25gm Vit C

$660.00 – $165.0/ea

Wellness Cocktail 6 IV Package with 25gm Vit C

$935.00 – $155.83/ea

Wellness Cocktail 8 IV Package with 25gm Vit C

$1188.00 – $148.50/ea


Each of our IVs are loaded with nutrients specially formulated for health and wellness. The following nutrients are found in every IV:

B1- Thiamin

B2 – Riboflavin

B3- Niacin

B5- Pantothenic Acid

B6 – Pyridoxol-5-Phosphate

B12- Methylcobalamin




Vitamin C









Major functions include neutralizing free radicals, detoxification, and anti-aging.

  • Neutralizing free radicals (such as superoxide and reactive oxygen species (ROS), like hydroxy radicals, peroxynitrites, and hydroperoxides), all of which are byproducts of oxygen metabolism in the mitochondria.

*Free radicals and ROS can cause damage to DNA, proteins and cell membranes altering their function, causing mutations and may be implicated in chronic illnesses like cancer or heart disease. Glutathione renders these molecules inert, protecting you from their destructive effects.

  • Detoxification: Glutathione attaches to substances like heavy metals and xenobiotics—molecules that need to be eliminated. It forms “conjugates” for easier elimination — by the liver via bile, and the kidneys via urine.
  • Skin: The anti-aging effects of Glutathione are remarkable for complexion, age spots and wrinkles, there is very little that won’t benefit from this master antioxidant.

Vitamin C IV:

can be simultaneously infused to encourage collagen formation.


  • IV Drips
  • B12 Boost Shot
  • The Skinny Shot
  • Oxygen


$10/mo. – Unlimited use.

Ask about pricing for your own Vibration Platform!


The Skinny Shot:


Package of 4 – 1 Injection weekly $132 - $33 each

Package of 6 - $193 - $32.17 each

Glutathione IV:


Package of 4 – $241 - $60.25 each

Package of 6 - $344 - $57.33 each

2G: $108 - $358 Package of 4 / $89.5 each - $522 Package of 6 - $87.0 each

Vitamin C IV:

10 Grams – $25.00/ea Package of 4 – $89 – $22.25/ea

20 Grams – $50.00/ea Package of 4 – $179 – $44.75/ea

Magnesium May be added at no charge, but is always in the Myer’s Cocktail

NAD 100 mg:

$110 - $468 Package of 5 / $93.6 each - $880 Package of 10 / $88.0 each

200 mg: $220 - $989 Package of 5 / $197.8 each - $1759 Package of 10 / $175.9 each


IV Menu

We offer a variety of signature IV cocktails to choose from to help hangovers, fatigue & jet lag, and enhance athletic performance. Let one of our licensed professionals help you decide which cocktail is right for you. Choose from IV drips, B12 boost shots, mega weight loss solutions, or oxygen and aromatherapy services.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms, and treat it through natural means. It views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. This technique results in finding connections and relationships that lead to the core problem. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine. It enhances it by eliminating the root cause, stopping the symptoms altogether.



Ozone is an immune system modifier, which means it fundamentally changes the way your cells work. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three. Ozone molecules come in contact with your cells and oxygen atoms bond easily to your cells to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen.

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