COVID 19 and EnrG-IV


The recent spread of coronavirus and the pandemic that has followed has led to a truly unprecedented global crisis that is forever changing the world and the lives of those living in it. Whether it’s trying to keep your head and your business afloat during the financial plummet, or simply staying at home for weeks to keep your family safe, everyone's lives are being affected by this virus. At EnrG-IV, we want you to know that we are open, we are still offering services, and we are taking a variety of precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. We are also offering a variety of discounts on products and services that can help maintain a clean environment and help prevent the spread of germs. Keep reading to learn more about what EnrG-IV is doing for our part during this crisis.


EnrG-IV Operations


In a truly global crisis like the coronavirus pandemic is creating, every person needs to do their part, whether that’s adhering to a stay-at-home order or offering their services and supplies to those who need them. At EnrG-IV, we believe that our services are vital for the physical health of our clients, and so we are ensuring every precaution possible so that we can still offer these services in a safe and sanitary environment. These precautions include the following:

  • Limiting the Spread – Our clients will be met at the door by our protected staff, who will check temperatures and administer hand sanitizer to everyone prior to entering the clinic. We are currently not admitting patients who are or have been sick or ill.
  • Sanitizing Precautions – In addition to our usual sanitation procedures, like sanitizing each treatment chair after use, we are diligently sanitizing doors and door handles as well as ensuring single-use supplies for each patient that are discarded after use.
  • Prevention of Germ Spreading – All EnrG-IV staff will wear protective masks, for the safety of our nurses, as well as our patients. We will also have a Fresh Air Surround/Everest machine running 24/7 to stop microbes in their tracks. Read below to learn more.

Vollara Clean Air and Water Machines


During this unprecedented time and the 24-hour news cycle, it’s easy for paranoia to set in. Whether it’s sanitizing and then re-sanitizing your hands after a grocery store trip, or checking your temperature with a thermometer every morning, the constant news stories can monger a bit of fear and paranoia about your cleanliness and the cleanliness of your home. That’s why, in addition to our IV and other functional medicine services, we are also offering the renowned clean air and clean water machines from Vollara. These products are incredible, and offer a smarter way to maintain a sanitary household.

The Vollara Air products are equipped with ActivePure Technology, the gold standard of purification systems, a system utilized in NASA projects to ensure sanitary and purified surfaces. These clean air machines harness microscopic oxygen and water molecules that clean the air as air passes through the machine. The technology will safely eliminate nearly 100% of both airborne and surface bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, or volatile organic compounds. Click here to shop the Vollara collection of air cleaning products.

The Vollara Water products are some of the most high-end water filters around, hooking up to your sink for use in drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The system balances the pH of the water, providing acid-buffering alkaline water that is also high in antioxidants. Alkaline water helps neutralize the acidity that develops naturally in your body from a poor diet, stress, and environmental toxins. Alkaline water can also be especially effective at boosting your immune system, meaning that it could support you in your body’s fight against the coronavirus. Click here to shop the Vollara collection of water cleaning products.

Other EnrG-IV Services During COVID-19


With such a fearful and imposing situation as COVID-19, at EnrG-IV, we are just happy that we can still offer our functional medicine health services and intravenous therapy treatments to our clients. Our in-home services safely bring our exceptional IV treatments to you at home. That means we will visit your home and administer the therapy treatment you are looking for. This excludes ozone treatments, as we cannot transport the equipment required to administer it. But any of our other functional medicine therapies are here at your disposal, including our IV therapy menu.

If you are considering our IV menu, we have the perfect IV formula for your during this crisis. Our Wellness Cocktail offers similar health benefits as our other IV cocktails, but with the critical addition of an extra Vitamin C boost. The extra Vitamin C, in addition to killing pathogens and boosting mitochondrial energy, provides a large boost to your immune system. This is especially helpful during the coronavirus pandemic as a compromised immune system can be lethal. Our Wellness Cocktail offers the boost your body might need during this crisis, and we can offer this service right in the comfort of your own home, at no extra cost.


EnrG-IV During COVID-19

During a truly unprecedented event like this, everyone has to play their part towards contributing to a larger perseverance through this crisis. That part could be staying at home and practicing social distancing, that part could be fighting the virus on the front lines of our hospitals, or that part could be offering the functional medicine services people are looking for during this time of health uncertainty. Whatever it might be, the only way we can safely make it to the other end of this crisis is to play our role in limiting it’s spread, and the negative effects it is having on our society. EnrG-IV is proud to still offer our services during this time. Give us a call and see how we can support you.


IV Menu

We offer a variety of signature IV cocktails to choose from to treat hangovers, fatigue & jet lag, and enhance athletic performance. Let one of our licensed professionals help you decide which treatment is right for you. Choose from IV drips, B12 boost shots, mega weight loss solutions, or oxygen and aromatherapy services.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms, and treat it through natural means. It views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. This technique results in finding connections and relationships that lead to the core problem. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine. It enhances it by eliminating the root cause, stopping the symptoms altogether.



Ozone is a immune system modifier, which means it fundamentally changes the way your cells work. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three. Ozone molecules come in contact with your cells and the third oxygen atom bonds easily to your cells to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen.

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