How to Cure the Holiday Party Hangover

You are suddenly awake, laying in your bed. Your eyelids are heavy, your mouth and your tongue are incredibly dry, your body feels slightly achy all over, and your stomach is clearly unhappy with you, but the first thing you truly notice is the splitting headache you have. Things start to come back to you as you remember what happened last night. You remember a lot of pretty lights and decorations, maybe a buffet or some fancy hors d'oeuvres. You remember seeing your friends there and hearing some loud music, and maybe you even remember some dancing. And of course, you remember drinking quite a bit. You might be able to taste a hint of whatever your alcohol of choice was last night, and maybe something a little more acidic if your night had an unfortunate end near a toilet bowl, but it’s honestly hard to concentrate on anything because of the searing pain in your head.

Congratulations! Like many other folks around the world, you have a holiday party hangover! Whether it was a wild work party/event or a kickback at a good friend's house, the holiday season brings with it a variety of parties and events, and those parties and events commonly involve a fair amount of drinking. Unsurprisingly, all of that alcohol can lead to a pretty reliable hangover in the morning, which can make the next day a bit of a struggle to do anything other than chug water and lay in bed feeling sorry for yourself. But you don’t have to be resigned to the crushing headache that follows a fun night. Keep reading to learn a few ways to avoid that horrible feeling in the morning, and how EnrG-IV might be able to help!

Hangover Cure Ideas

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While there are a number of ways you can limit a hangover, it’s important to first understand what a hangover is. There are a variety of different processes that your body undergoes when digesting and feeling the effects of alcohol which contribute to the feelings of a hangover, like the quality of sleep, increased cardiac output, glucose levels, accumulation of certain chemical compounds, and more. But the main effect of alcohol consumption and the hungover feeling are the extreme levels of dehydration, and these tips will involve how to limit that dehydration, so you can enjoy yourself without destroying yourself.

Hydrate During the Evening

While your beverage of choice for the evening might be wine or beer or spirits, one beverage that needs to be able to find a way into your hand during the night is water! By supplementing your alcohol consumption with some water consumption, you dilute the amount of alcohol in your system and therefore limit the strength of the hangover effects caused by alcohol. While you might need to go to the toilet a few more times during the evening, you won’t end up slumped over the toilet by the end!

Moderate Your Consumption

Alcohol is a very popular substance in our society, as it always has been, and sometimes that popularity can lead to a bit of overconsumption. At worst, this can be dangerous and even life-threatening, and at best, it can make the next morning pretty unbearable. As you grow older, you gain a better understanding of how your body reacts to alcohol and what your limits are, and while it can be fun to occasionally test those limits, your body will usually hate you for it the morning after. Try to keep track of the type of alcohol you are drinking, how much of it you are drinking, and how quickly you are drinking it, and moderate those levels so you can still enjoy yourself without hurting or endangering yourself.

Refuel Your Body

As much as you want to be diligent about avoiding a hangover while you are drinking, you might already be past the point of no return, trying to recover in bed. As much as you might want to stay there, your body is in pain because it’s lacking some key things. Start by getting rehydrated, and chug a glass or three of water. Either make or buy a hearty breakfast and give your body some of the fuel and glucose it needs to keep operating properly. A dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help limit the headache and stomach pain you are feeling. And if you are feeling really motivated, a morning workout can do wonders against the feeling of a hangover.

IV Therapy Treatment

One useful way to quickly mitigate the symptoms of a hangover is through an IV therapy treatment. If none of these other methods sound feasible in your current state, getting an IV therapy treatment from your local vitamin IV lounge, like Enrg-IV in Orange Beach, AL, can help decrease your symptoms in no time. A hangover cure popularized by a number of celebrities, a IV therapy treatment can re-hydrate you much more efficiently by dripping invigorating vitamins and a more concentrated hydration solution directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous injection. And with the Hangover IV therapy treatment we offer at Enrg-IV, you can get off your bed and back to feeling like your normal self in no time!

Hangover Cures with EnrG-IV

Having a drink or two or three during the holiday season with your family, your friends, or your coworkers can be a wonderful time. You’ll have some great memories to reminisce on (or a lack of memories to try and decipher), and a bit of holiday cheer with good company. But the hangover that comes with all of that alcohol can really dampen your plans for the next day and do a bit of damage to your body in the process. You can do something about that though. Whether it’s diligent hydration during the evening or a smart recovery method for the morning, EnrG-IV in Orange Beach, Alabama is here to help. Don’t let the splitting headache last — schedule an IV therapy treatment at EnrG-IV today!