Bioresonance Therapy

As we move into the 21st century, we are learning more and more about the human body, what affects it, and the things we can use to improve or repair any issues regarding it. From open heart surgery to new and exploratory forms of therapy, we are learning and understanding more about the human body every single day. One of these incredible pieces of new technology that is starting to be used is bioresonance therapy, a new form of therapy EnrG-Wellness is proud to provide at our Orange Beach locations. Keep reading to learn more about this therapy, or book a session today!

What is Bioresonance Therapy?


You might have heard something about electricity running through each of our bodies, but you may have never fully understood what that means. Well, to make a long and complicated explanation short: our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents, and electricity is required for our nervous system to send signals from our brain throughout our body. These electrical signals are what make it possible for us to think, move, and feel. With bioresonance therapy, the basis of the therapy modality is that diseased or dysfunctional cells will emit a noticeably unique electromagnetic current wavelength compared to healthy cells, due to DNA damage. By determining which cells are healthy and which are not, the idea is to locate the wavelengths of unhealthy cells and counterbalance them, mitigating the issues these cells are potentially afflicting on your body.


In order to determine the unique wavelength differences between cells, a device called a “bicom” is used. This device involves placing electrodes on the skin, which attempt to read the specific energy wavelengths emitted by the cells in your body and potentially determine which wavelengths are coming from healthy cells versus unhealthy cells. After that, the idea is to potentially mitigate the issues these damaged or dysfunctional cells are causing, by using the electrodes on the bicom device to “counterbalance” the potentially harmful electric wavelengths back to their natural frequency. A variety of studies have been done showing bioresonance therapy can support smoking cessation, as well as potentially limit the effects and experience of allergies, stomach pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and overtraining by athletes.


Bioresonance Therapy at EnrG-IV

Bioresonance therapy is a newer form of therapy that could potentially improve the way your body functions, as well as your wellbeing. That’s why EnrG-Wellness is proud to offer bioresonance therapy services to folks in Orange Beach and the surrounding areas. Whether you have questions about bioresonance therapy, or you want to book your next session, give us a call and our team of functional medicine experts can provide the information, advice, and appointment you need.


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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms and treat them through natural means. It views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. This technique results in finding connections and relationships that lead to the core problem. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine. It enhances it by eliminating the root cause and stopping the symptoms altogether.



Ozone is an immune system modifier, which means it fundamentally changes the way your cells work. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three. Ozone molecules come in contact with your cells and the third oxygen atom bonds easily to your cells to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen.

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