About IV Therapy

In the modern era, we have made enough technological and medical advancements to now have access to a variety of incredible and effective therapeutic techniques. The popularity of intravenous therapy has slowly grown over the years and with good reason as the therapeutic benefits an IV therapy session can provide are pretty incredible. That’s why EnrG-Wellness located in Orange Beach is proud to provide a range of IV menu selections so you can find the perfect IV therapy treatment for your body’s needs. Whether it’s a quick cure for a hangover, enhancing your hydration and athletic performance, or even a cocktail for anti-aging purposes, we have the IV therapy service for you. Keep reading to learn more about IV therapy and how it can efficiently provide the resources your body needs.

Why Intravenous?


If you have watched any television show or film involving a hospital or been admitted to a hospital yourself, you have probably seen people hooked up with a needle in their arm connected to a transparent bag filled with what looks like water. In a medical situation, these bags are generally filled with saline solution (salt water), which efficiently and consistently replenishes lost fluids, flushes wounds, sustains a patient’s vital levels, and also allows for an easier delivery of medication instead of getting pricked with a needle every time.


While an IV makes life easier for both patients and doctors in a medical setting, another important reason for its usage is the efficiency of delivery an IV provides. There are a variety of ways to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and medications into your body, and the most common way is usually ingesting some pill or syrup or chewable. But when ingested, our digestive systems will metabolize a lot of the important nutrients and supplements which significantly reduces the amount that actually enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout our bodies. With an intravenous drip therapy, the relevant nutrients and vitamins are inserted directly into your bloodstream, ensuring 100% absorption and maximum efficacy.


IV Therapy Services from EnrG-IV


As you can tell, the utilization of intravenous techniques can be beneficial for anyone that takes advantage of it. You receive the most efficient and expedited application of a therapeutic solution, and the effects are immediate, meaning you can get your body and wellbeing at the level that you need. And whether you are looking to improve your entire wellbeing, or just feeling a little bit extra dehydrated, there are a variety of IV cocktail solutions for you. If you are considering an IV therapy session at EnrG-IV, take a look at our IV menu, and see if you can find the therapeutic cocktail right for you and your body. Or give us a call and our team of functional medicine experts can provide the information and advice you need.


IV Menu

We offer a variety of signature IV cocktails to choose from to help hangovers, fatigue & jet lag, and enhance athletic performance. Let one of our licensed professionals help you decide which cocktail is right for you. Choose from IV drips, B12 boost shots, mega weight loss solutions, or oxygen & aromatherapy services.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms and treat them through natural means. It views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. This technique results in finding connections and relationships that lead to the core problem. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine. It enhances it by eliminating the root cause and stopping the symptoms altogether.



Ozone is an immune system modifier, which means it fundamentally changes the way your cells work. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three. Ozone molecules come in contact with your cells and oxygen atoms bond easily to your cells to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen.

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