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Our IV infusions can not only help you fight the flu but also prevent it. Learn more about our Wellness IV Packages.

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Health Through Hydration

Relax and rehydrate in the comfort of a private room, in the social lounge, or at the oxygen bar. Our intravenous vitamin and electrolyte cocktails, called "drips," contain only the purest nutrients. Drip sessions typically last 20-60 minutes. Clients enjoy our signature enrG cocktails while kicked back in luxurious recliners, in front of flatscreen TVs, and surfing the internet.

*Some laboratory expenses may be covered by insurance. Others may be out of pocket expenses.

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IV Menu

We offer a variety of signature IV cocktails to choose from to treat hangovers, fatigue & jet lag, and enhance athletic performance. Let one of our licensed professionals help you decide which treatment is right for you. Choose from IV drips, B12 boost shots, mega weight loss solutions, or oxygen & aromatherapy services.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms and treat them through natural means. It views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. This technique results in finding connections and relationships that lead to the core problem. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine. It enhances it by eliminating the root cause and stopping the symptoms altogether.



Ozone is an immune system modifier, which means it fundamentally changes the way your cells work. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three. Ozone molecules come in contact with your cells and the third oxygen atom bonds easily to your cells to improve the way your body utilizes oxygen.

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Functional Medicine

enrG+ is the functional medicine side of our clinic.

Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine because it doesn't just treat your current symptoms. It seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms and treat them through natural means. Functional medicine doesn't just offer temporary relief. The goal is to find connections and relationships that lead to eliminating the core problem and stop symptoms altogether.

We have licensed, professional medical staff.

Functional Medicine can help relieve countless health problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and learn what enrG+ Functional Medicine can do for you.

enrG Oxygen/AromatherapyenrG+Functional Medicine

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IV Vitamin Therapy

What is it?

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy is the process of administering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, through an IV drip. It bypasses the digestive system and delivers the nutrients promptly to the cells where they are needed.

Why Does it Work?

Because the process bypasses digestion, intravenous delivery allows nutrients to be completely absorbed, and in most cases, the body requires less time to heal. It results in faster, longer lasting relief as the nutrients work to rehydrate, dispel toxins, and restore balance.

Why should I drip?

IV Vitamin Therapies effectively provide relief, healing, and recovery for people with health concerns ranging anywhere from dehydration, all the way to chronic illness. Even so, it is not limited only to those who suffer from a medical condition. IV Therapy is useful for anyone interested in increasing health and immune functions, boosting energy levels and mood, and enhancing athletic performance.

EnrG IV Signature Cocktails


Our Staff

enrG IV's staff are all licensed, medical professionals. Our team includes expert​s​ who have been specially trained in IV Vitamin Therapies and Functional Medicine.


Dr. Judy Corbett, MD FACOG

Dr. Corbett has her BSN as well as MD. She has practiced OB/GYN on the Gulf Coast region since 1996, and she has enjoyed becoming active in many aspects of the Mobile and Baldwin County communities.

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Janet Baker, RN

Janet Baker is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Functional Medicine and Weight Management. Janet enjoys working with patients who have been diagnosed with autoimmune and metabolic diseases.

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